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Time is the greatest mystery in the world.  We cannot see it or touch it but we still somehow feel it. Time is both relative and mystical. Somewhere there is a watch inside of us that senses time differently when we are young or old. The issue is whether time is a fundamental property of the universe, or simply an intellectual observation that our perceptions produce. There is life before and after us.

Once our time is up do we cease to exist or become transformed?

I am looking for answers to these questions in my artwork. My works are dissected over and over again, and then put back together. I print on the side of a stack of paper and then let the stack slide, thereby shaping the final image. In my other works I am printing on ice sheets. As the ice melts it changes the image on the surface, and it slowly fades away. When I am working with ice, I feel like I can step above the every day’s boundaries. I can stop time by simply placing my prints back in the freezer, or I can start to activate time again whenever I want. Photography is a significant part of my work. I am always amazed to see the moment and the expression of the human face that my photos are preserving.  How can we deliver the special feeling and nature of a frozen moment? Is it really true that every photo is a time capsule?  Time is scary.  It leads to the unknown future. The fear of fate and disappearance is always in me. I find relief looking at a photograph where everything is stable.    

I am working with my children’s and my ancestor’s portraits. I am exploring their identities as an extension of mine; they carry similar lineage but possess very different individual characteristics. They carry my genes, my ideas, and my culture. I am looking for similarities in physiognomy and unseen humanity throughout various generations. My ancestors and children make up the past and future of my family’s cycle. I am aiming to show an invisible human nature through my portraits.  How can we act or look like our ancestors without knowing or meeting them?  Can we really shape our own life or is everything already pre-ordained.  I strive to capture an aura of these unknown questions in my work.